Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Reuben Ang(1) and Joshua Tan(20)

- 1. a) Ranting online get netizens into trouble
      b) Netizens have a false impression that they maintain an anonymous identity
- 2. a) Expository
      b) It is to discourage people to rant online
      c) He feels that this is a major problem with the current netizens
- 3. a) He uses various sources. For example, a founder of a founder of a social media firm.
- 4. a) Netizens who rant maintain an anonymous identity
      b) He is assuming that people are following examples stated in the article
-5. a) The author
     b) People who are very active in social media
-6. a) Netizens think that they bad they do inline cannot be detected by anybody
-7. a) When you rant online, you might be hurting somebody without knowing. If your offensive comment can be traced, you might be ruining your chance of getting a job. If we do not refrain fomr making offensive comments, we might affect the society.
-8. a) Be wary of what you write on the internet.
     b) Serious and impartial

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