Wednesday, 22 January 2014

(22/1/14) Online ranting equals to big trouble Ming Chuan and Christopher

1. Question at Issue
(a) Ranting online may very well get people in trouble

(b) People think they are anonymous when ranting online, and tend to post much more hurtful comments.

2. Purpose
(a) To report on such individuals who rant online

(b) To inform these individuals who rant online that they can be tracked

(c) To stop this behavior as soon as possible

3. Evidence/Data
(a) The author uses various sources. One such source is "Choo, who holds a master's degree in developmental psychology, said these ranters fail to realize that bosses, colleagues, business partners, head hunters, potential employers and even the authorities can view their virtual personas as a reflection of their true self (in the real world)." and "There's a false sense of protection and anonymity when users go behind platforms like Twitter and Facebook to complain, grumble, nitpick and criticize, said Dr Adrian Budiman, a senior lecturer at the School of Multimedia Technology and Communications at Universiti Utara Malaysia."

4. Assumptions
(a) The difference now is that it has become increasingly visible as society becomes more connected.

(b) He thinks that his readers might engage in activities similar to what he is writing about, or that his readers have witnessed such activities themselves, and wanted to find out why those people were behaving the way that they did.

5. POV
(a) The author's point of view is presented

(b)He represents people who used to rant online, or people who are trying to prevent people from ranting online.

6. Concepts
(a) Concepts presented include the people who are ranting online thinking that no one can track them.

7. Implications
(a)Ranting online can cause hurt to those you rant against. You might also be despised upon by others, due to your constant pointless rants. Since your comments can be traced, excessively vulgar and/or personal attacks against someone can be tracked down to you, and you might even get into trouble with the law. If we do not refrain from making offensive comments, we will one day have to learn the hard way that we should not rant online.

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