Tuesday, 21 January 2014

(22/1/14) Online Ranting Equals to Big Trouble

Question at Issue:

Many people on the internet are ranters and trolls who post remarks and comments about virtually anything that they encounter. Most of them are very harsh, tactless and offensive, with very few being harmless and unnoticed. This due to the illusion of anonymity that the Internet gives.


A report about people who rant online and how it has come so far with such a connected society. It is also to inform people that anonymity is short-lived, and they can be found out and traced. Thus people should be more tactful of what they are writing.


'Take for instance the recent incident where a local well-established hair salon was put in a bad light when a customer went on a tirade on Facebook about her bad experience following a visit to one of its outlets.

Her Facebook page to boycott the salon drew more attention when the owners responded to the allegations.

Ranting on social media seems to be a norm these days and, to a certain extent, an accepted culture among netizens, said Choo Mei Sze, the founder of a social media marketing firm.'


People are much more expressive online when they are not holding up socially acceptable models and when they are covered by anonymity. The author is also assuming that his audience are people of the Internet and social media, and have come across or are ranters and this post will then inform people of the reasons not to rant online.


The writer is writing from a view that show he is warning readers to be wary of ranters and trolls while telling us to refrain from following such actions.


The fact that the Internet is very wide and society is much more connected, thus messages of resentment can get across fast.


If your offensive comments can be traced people will see the impression of you online and automatically assume your behavior and character in reality.

By: Markus and Jun Peng (Ranting about ranting)

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