Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Recap of Expositions

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

For today's lesson:

1. Watch 5 min 30 sec of the following YouTube Video.

Here's the link, just in case the video does not work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I6iDuUutho

2. Answer the following questions (in groups of 3) in a blog post.

a. What is this news report claiming / trying to prove?

b. Write all the information that this news report has highlighted to support its claim. Write in point form.

3. Given below are the various categories under which all the information from Qn 2 b may be classified.

a. Statistic
b. Fact
c. Example
d. Testimony

Edit your group's blog post by adding a suitable category (in brackets) for each piece of information you have listed.

E.g. Information you have listed (Statistic)
       Information you have listed (Testimony)

4. Organize the content of your group's blog post using a suitable online graphic organizer. You will find some examples of graphic organizers at this link. 

1. Not all these examples are suitable for this task.
2. These examples are pdf copies and you might not be able to edit them on your computer. So, find similar graphic organizers online that you can edit.

Once done, airdrop the graphic organizer to your teacher's Macbook and also upload it as another blog post for this lesson.

5. Do an internet research to find more supporting details for the claim the above news report has made. Add these supporting details to your graphic organizer.

1. Supporting details from the video must be in red.
2. Supporting details from your internet research must be in blue.

6. Now that you have nicely organized all the information in support of the claim the news report is making, it is time to find out if there are any opposing views out there. Scout the internet to find any such opposing views. List these (in bold and underlined) in your group's initial blog post.

7. Now, imagine you agree with what the news report is claiming. Write what you can say to counter each of the opposing views you have listed in your group's initial blog post. Write each counterattacking statement in italics and below the opposing view.

Opposing view (in bold and underlined)
Your counterattacking statement (in italics)

Considering opposing views in an argument serves two purposes:
i) It shows you are not ignorant of other possibilities.
ii) It creates an opportunity to destroy any other side of the argument by specifically counterattacking their merits.

8. Group Learning Artifact

a. Create a campaign poster on Glogster in support of the news report you have watched.

b. Your poster should have the following elements:

1. Name of your campaign
2. Slogans for your campaign
3. Details of your campaign (what you are campaigning for, information for people to believe in what you are saying)
4. Reasons why skeptics (those holding opposing views) are wrong
5. Impactful images in support of your campaign
6. Suitable colour scheme and graphics for visual appeal

c. Upload your group's poster to the EL blog as a fresh post.

9. Gallery walk and peer feedback on campaign posters (if time permits).

Miss Esha

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