Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ranting Online/ Paul's Wheel of Reasonign: Jason, Samuel & Wei Feng

Question At Issue: Ranting online. People think they are anonymous

Purpose: Report. To discourage people from ranting. To show the negative effects of ranting on social media.

Evidence & Data: He quotes information from various sources. "There's a false sense of protection and anonymity when users go behind platforms like Twitter and Facebook to complain, grumble, nitpick and criticise, said Dr Adrian Budiman, a senior lecturer at the School of Multimedia Technology and Communications at Universiti Utara Malaysia."

Assumptions: "People are generally more expressive and in some cases more honest when they don't need to assume socially acceptable roles and when they can hide behind anonymity."

POV: Author's. Interest Group: People Active in Social Media

Concepts: That Ranting online can have detrimental consequences if not done properly

Implications: Tainted Reputation of Businesses, People, Organizations, etc. It might also backfire on the person ranting online.

Inferences: It can be inferred that the report is serious impartial and unbiased tone while writing this article as it showed the good and bad points about ranting online.

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