Thursday, 9 January 2014

Reuben and Joshua

Claim : soda causes cancer

Supporting evidence :
- Scientific studies show possible link between increased intake of soda to cancer (Fact)
- A study in London University showed that 40% of men (who drank soda regularly) were more likely to develop prostate cancer over a period of 10-15 years (Statistic)
- Several studies found links between soda consumption and pancreatic, oesophagus, and prostate cancer (Fact)
- Consumption leads to diabetes and obesity, which leads to several types of cancer (Fact)
- Centre for Science in the Public Interest found that a caramel colouring in some soda drinks was actually a known animal carcinogen which could cause cancer  (Fact)
- High doses of chemicals, commonly found in soda, caused lung tumours in mice (Fact) (Example)
- An animal study conducted by the Centre for Environmental Health showed evidence of thyroid, liver, and lung cancer incidents (Fact) (Example)
- Artificial sweeteners have been linked to cancer (Fact)

- Many other foods that are being consumed may also contain these cancer causing chemicals and point the blame to soda
- Other factors may play a part in causing cancer in people, such as smoking
- There has not been a thorough test conducted on soda's on humans
- Results from animal testing may not be true for humans
- There has not been a long term and reliable test conducted on the effects of soda

- A large amount of these chemicals are still found in soda
- Soda does not have any health benefits
- All the tests that have been conducted so far have pointed toward soda causing cancer
- Animal testing is used to simulate the human body, and have similar results while testing other drugs

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