Thursday, 9 January 2014

RyanGoh & Zhong Han; Points of Disadvantages of SODA.

Soda causes CANCER. 

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Supporting Details from the Video:
-Drinking soda increases the chance of cancer
-Soda has animal carcinogen for coloring, which was present for many years in the past.
-Soda is more approachable and gettable, and all humans have access to soda.
-Soda has no nutritional value.

-Soda heightens the cause of cancer, 40% higher. Prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer are a few of them that soda causes.

-Drinking soda leads to obesity, which leads to cancer
-Strong relationship between Soda and Prostate cancer

Supporting Details from the INTERNET:
-Consumer watchdog found Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Dr. Pepper all have unsafe levels of 4-methylimifazole, causing about 15,000 cancers among the U.S. population

-The quantity of lethal material is four times over the amount dictated by California's Office of Environmental Health.

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