Saturday, 11 January 2014


Claim: Soda causes cancer

Supporting Claim

- 40% of men in tests are known to have risks in cancer

- Sodas like Pepsi are more dangerous than cocaine, which is contributed to by the fact that sodas are more easily accessible than cocaine to the majority of the people

- The types or cancer that are known to be caused by soda are esophageal cancer , pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer
- The caramel coloring is made up of melted carbohydrates and sugar

- Drinking soda heavily contributes to obesity, which in turn, plays a major role in cancer
- The caramel coloring in the soda is known to be a known animal carcinogen
- Caramel coloring is a colloid

- Other foods that are consumed also contain such traces that are found in soda
- There might me other things that contribute to cancer, such as drug abuse
- We might be completely sure about the results unless proven true with humans

- Soda has been found to contain a majority of these chemicals that cause cancer
- Tests conducted has results that show that soda is responsible for cancer
- Soda still does more harm than good to the human body

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